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Questions to answer for the Moderator Positions on the new web-board

Thank you for wanting to be a moderator on the new web board! My dream is to create a wonderful online community that we all can share and communicate. I know there are some great online communities already, and in fact I'm a member of a few of them. Online communities, and forums, are a great place to get together and meet other pagans, and create a network of individuals working for the same causes -- Mostly to get paganism "out there" and hopefully one day we will be world-recognized as a bonafide religion, and no more persecutions etc, it does still happen!! One Voice, united!

As far as the web-board, there are some criteria I would like for you to be able to meet, and some experience-related questions below, if you want cut and paste the questions with your answer in your e-mail to me when you answer (that would be helpful to me, but not necessary). Please be patient for my reply, I hope to be able to get this board fully functional by Yule 2002, unless I don't receive many applications, then we'll shoot for Imbolc, Feb 2nd, 2003. So spread the word! Thanks again, and good luck in your application!

1. What is your area of expertise? (i.e.: Advice, Tarot, Ritual, Magick/spells, etc) This doesn't have to be an existing board, unless you want to apply for a board that does already appear on the paganuskeltica site

2. If a friend of yours was posting and the post was obnoxious, rude, flaming, or insulting to another user on the board in the area you moderate, how would you handle it?

3. Do you have experience moderating (BTW: Experience is not necessary)?

4. Do you think you have a good sense of humor? (insert your favorite joke here if you wish)

5. Would you be fair and treat users on your moderated area equally? (this goes back to #2, but is also an expansion of that question)

6. Do you use the internet regularly? (like more than once a week) How much? (this is so I know you will 'be around' to check in on your area regularly to make sure it's being handled well)

7. What is your religious background? More specifically, what kind of Pagan/Wiccan are you? (basic beliefs, like are you keltic, druid, strega, ecclectic, don't know/undecided, etc)

8. Do you believe you are trustworthy?

9. Have you ever been banned from a message board or e-mail discussion list or chat room? (be honest here) If so, for what? Do you think you were treated fairly?

10. Do you use Yahoo? What is your yahoo IM handle? If not, how about AOL instant messenger?

11. What is your e-mail address? (if different from the ones above)

12. Do you consider yourself a creative individual?

13. Tell me about yourself, What are your hobbies? Inspirations? Family life? Funny Quirks? Whatever else you want to tell me..

14. Do you have a web page? What's the URL?

15. Can you handle pressure? (There are certain amounts of pressure involved in being a mod, not too much though.. and I'm here if you should need me to help you out with certain situations, and remember, you will probably get e-mail from your posters in your area.. so be prepared to handle that also..)

16. Would you be willing to help me 'advertise' the message board? (i.e. tell your friends, post to pagan-related e-lists you're on, adding the site to your profiles online, etc; This doesn't involve spamming people shamelessly, just spreading the word casually, after all you won't have anyone to moderate if nobody shows up, right?)

17. Would you be willing to submit a short bio and pic of yourself to a "meet your mods" page?

That's it! :) Click the Feedback Button to Send Your Application, put "application" in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete it:

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