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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from the web

  1. BIG listing for the newsgroups! News group faqs that you will unfortunately have to sift thru' but I'm not going to post each and every one of the newsgroup faq's here when there is prolly like 20 or so.
  2. alt.pagan newsgroup faq (I'm not going to post them ALL just a few.. lol)
  3. alt.folklore.herbs
  4. alt.magick
  5. alt.meditation
  6. alt.dreams.lucid
  7. alt.dreams
  8. alt.religion.wicca
  9. alt.religion.gnostic
  10. soc.culture.celtic
  11. BIG Page of nordic mythology, alt.culture.nordic
  12. soc.religion.shamanism
  13. soc.religion.shamanism-overview different from above link
  14. A Celtic Paganism faq
  15. handfasting faq
  16. Mideaval and Ren. handfasting faq
  17. Hinduism FAQ
  18. Santeria Faq
  19. Religio Romana Roman Religion
  20. Hellenic Paganism
  21. Asatru Folk Assembly Nordic paganism faq
  22. Soliltary Druid Practitioner FAQ
  23.'s faq
  24. Kemeticism/Egyptian Paganism FAQ
  25. alt.religion druid

Feel free to look at the links page and utiliize the search engines to your advantave if you didn't find your answer here..

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