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Gems and Crystal Correspondences

Disclaimer: Should be used mainly for entertainment value, anything found on this site should never replace a doctor's care, and I won't be held responsible for any actions taken that do not have the outcome you want.

Scott Cunningham's excersizes to "feel energies in stones", Earth Power book, paraphrased by myself.

Find a few stones from various places. You can buy a couple of them, find some by a local river, or in the river, by the ocean if you're lucky enough to live by one, in the woods if you are near any, in the park. Wherever you can find some interesting looking rocks and stones, small ones that fit comfortably in your palm.
Begin by grounding and centering, relaxing, even meditating, whichever you prefer, or are able to do. As long as you clear your mind, and don't let other distractions, real or imagined, bother you.
Next select a stone. Doesn't matter which one. Wrap your hand around it, not tightly, just loosely enough to make sure your hand is touching all of it. After holding it for a few moments see if you can 'feel' the energy vibrating in the stone. After you felt the energy, and can identify what sort of vibrations they are (slow and deep, fast and light, etc, etc) pick another stone, you can record your results if you have a journal. If you don't feel any vibrations after holding the stone for a minute or more, try again later. You may not be relaxed enough, perhaps you have a lot on your mind, be patient with yourself! Some pick this right up while others need time.

Another one by Cunningham

Once you have familiarized yourself with vibrations, take the same stones, and with your eyes closed plop them all down in front of you. You close your eyes because you are going to put your hand slightly above the stones and try to "feel" where they are. This is a very excellent exersize to develop latent psychic powers. Combine excerisizes like this, with daily meditation, daily visualizations, and you will develop psychic power. As far as how long this will take is up to you. I can't answer that. You have to be persistant, and you have to love what you do. Love is very important, as is being open and warm personality wise. I can't stress this enough to pagans. I see us warring amongst ourselves and shake my head in sorrow because we have to get along with each other to make a difference, and we'd all be better for it. Just a few things to think about! Good Luck in your quest!