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At first I was a bit reluctant to include this section, as magick is not really a centerpiece to my life. In my opinion, an opinion that is shared with many, magick should be used as a last resort. You won't dry up any magickal lakes so to speak by using magick, but the Gods do want us to figure things out on our own... for instance... don't use a spell to find your car keys if you could simply look around the house and find them that way, and if a loved one is dying, sad as it may be, don't prolong their life with a spell if their life would be miserable. Things need to take natural courses, and part of the natural way of things is letting go.
However, since magick is part of my life, albeit a small one. I decided to include a few things regarding magick here. There is a lot to say in regards of magick, so do be patient as this page evolves...


Personally, I don't follow the Rede, and you won't find it here, versions of the Rede are available on many other websites. I take things into my own judgement, and my gut feelings. If something feels wrong I don't do it, if I've got a good feeling about something I go with the flow. I do follow a code of ethics, however, and those ethics can be found in the FAQ section under Celtic Paganism (Or just click here). These opinions are my own however and if you feel that sticking to the Rede feels like what you need to do, then do it. I'm merely presenting my form of practice, and if you feel this isn't what you are looking for then the Links section may have what you need.
I do not believe magick has a color: black, white, or grey. It's all the same, it just depends on how you direct it. Magick has no color, but people like to classify things in order to understand them, so if you wish to lump magick in a catagory, that is fine for you. Everything is interwoven, similar to the keltic knot, and while some honor the four elements, some of us prefer to acknowledge the 3 Realms of Sky, Earth, and Sea. Whatever you honor, acknowledge, or worship, magick does exist. If you are christian you practice it in the form of prayer.
Magick is in all of us, everyone has latent psychic ability, and only some are aware of it and know that they can use it. So you say, with gifts like these, why don't you 'do magick' all the time? Well, because it's not necessary. Don't ask the Gods to aide you in something you can accomplish yourself. Will and determination give far more self esteem than a little hocus pocus can do for you.
I'll add more to that as I think of it.. but.. anyway..

Spell Casting

First, for the purpose of a spell you need intent. You may need a job, or money to pay a bill for example, and all hope seems to be lost (and in this economy at the moment I don't doubt that many of you have these intents on your mind), you've pounded the pavement searching for a job, you've passed out resume's, filled out applications, you may even have browsed or any other job URL. So you have decided you would like to have magick aide you in your journey.
This is a sample freebie spell.. from this general design you can create any spell from it, for any purpose. It's a generic-bare-bones no frills kind of template, so add to it, burnish it up, subtract from it, whatever.
You need:
  • Green Candle
  • Green Felt
  • Green or red thread
  • Herbs used for money or job purposes (these can be interchangeable).. When in doubt use rosemary.
  • A Coin of some kind
  • Herb for protection (rosemary is fine)
Before you begin the actual spell (technically the spell is begun the moment you decide to work the magick) you need to charge the objects you are using with your intents. This is simpler than it sounds, but take time with it. In other words, it's simple, but time consuming, but approach it always with joy, not with a bad attitude about it. You may purchase an essential oil for your workings with candles, but I don't find outrageously priced items like that necessary (and also because.. our ancestors got their essentials oils from.... where?? :: sniff sniff :: yeah that smells like sarcasm..). Anyway, pick up each individual object and feel it in your hands. Now grip it loosely and tell the item it's purpose, or visualize the item in use for the purpose you intend to use it for.
After charging the items, you may begin. Light the candle, you may have also chosen to use incense, if so light it after you light the candle, with a match (not with the candle). Begin sewing the green felt into a little square, and while you do this envision all the while that job coming to you, the perfect job you want, the phone ringing from the employer with an interview, and at that interview you shake hands and the employer ends the interview with the question "When can you start? Would right now be fine? Can you be here at 8 AM tomorrow??" (Insert appropriate time of course, especially if you're after a 2nd or 3rd shift position). Now before you finish the sewing job at the last side of the square, insert the herbs, the coin, and anything else you may wish to include in the little pouch. Sew it up, still envisioning your job coming to you.
Now, congratulations, you've made a little charm bag. Wear this to interviews tucked into a pocket, or concealed in some manner. Blow out the candle and incense. You're done.

Healing Spell

You only need yourself and the power of visualization for this one, and it can be done anywhere. Any materials you decide to include (candles, incense) are your own. Color of candle suggestion for healing is blue, and as far as incense, I use whatever smells good to me, and puts me in a good frame of mind.. it really doesn't matter what kind you choose. If you can't stand the smell of say, strawberry, and you want to do a spell and the book you are reading calls for strawberry incense, use what you like! Don't follow what a book says. Use your heart to guide you, and your sense of smell!
Ok, so visualize the person you are healing, if a photograph helps use it, or you can do it in person with them. Picture them, head to toe. Eyes, hair, body proportion. Yeah you'll get the hang of it. Now, picture each of their chakra centers (you can use the tradition colors for the centers, but it's not 100% necessary, as I've seen many different sets of colors for chakra centers, you may also wish to read up on chakra centers on the web before you do this so you understand what each represent). The first chakra center is located between the genitals and anus, and is considered the 'root' chakra. Picture this chakra center on the person you are visualizing. Picture that center as a globe and it is spinning brightly in whatever color you choose to represent it.
Now picture the solar plexus chakra, located in about the same spot as the belly button. Picture it spinning brightly. If at any point you see a chakra center not so bright, or has 'black icky stuff' on it, spin it in your mind faster until it glows brightly and the black stuff is off of it.
Now move up to the heart center located where the heart is. Also picture it spinning brightly and as radiant as the centers before it.
Now move to the throat chakra, also picture it spinning bright and beautiful, think of it as in the location of a man's adams apple.
Now the center of the head, or third eye, located in the center of the forehead, between and above the eyes. Picture it also spinning bright.
Now the final Chakra, located on the top of the head, called "the crown" chakra. Picture it as a spinning globe directly on top in the middle of the head. It is also spinning brightly and radiant.

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