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Well, for those that wanted to know more about me, I decided to include a bit of info about myself.
I'm in my late 20's, and I reside in east central Illinois, I have a beautiful little boy, and a dear and wonderful husband (and by clicking here you go to our medieval reenactment link).

Pagan Life

I'm a Celtic Pagan, but I got my introduction to paganism with Wicca by reading Scott Cunningham. I was around the tender age of 14 when I first 'discovered' my true path of paganism, around the year 1989. Since then my path has evolved to the Celtic Path.
I guess you could say it is in my blood line to be pagan, so to speak. However I am pretty much self-taught, and also taught by Raymond T. Anderson, aka Kerastes Polythymos a dear friend, and priest of mine. Raymond himself is a Traditionalist Witch. Celtic paganism is a little different than Wicca however (See the faq by clicking here for more details in a nutshell), a major difference is that Celtic Pagans honor the 3 realms rather than the 4 elements, we don't cast circles as sacred space is found and not made, and believe all things are intertwined, rather than seperate elements bound by Akasha, or Spirit. We do have a code of ethics but it is different than the Rede, but as a whole we still revere Mother Earth as Sacred, and revere life, unlike the ancient Celts however, we do not make living sacrifices, people or animal!

Personal Interests

Some personal interests of mine are tarot and faery oracle reading, beading necklaces, medieval reenactment, herbs, music of all sorts (everything from Led Zepplin, to Loreena McKennit, to Classical, The Ramones, 80's new wave, hard rock, etc), and of course my husband, our son, and family and friends. I also enjoy Yoga for stress relief, Tai Chi, and I'm thinking of picking up belly-dancing as a 'cardio' excersize, anything low-impact lol. :) My favoite drink is coffee, my favorite foods are anything my future brother in law Wayne cooks (Hi Wayne! His pic is on the above link for the medieval reenactment page, with my sister in law, Lana), anything I cook, and pizza is always a favorite around here. I'm also a legally ordained minister and I am officiating Wayne and Lana's upcoming wedding ceremony April 19 2003. It will be a medieval wedding, and we're all getting very excited! I hope to post many pictures of the ceremony, and hopefully we will do the maypole, weather permitting, as it will be near to Bealtainne (Look for the website here coming soon!).

Pictures of Me and My "Clan" lol

See above links for more pics in the first paragraph of this page.. :)