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Names of Full Moons

(Starting with the Full Moon closest to Yule)

According to the Celtic Tree Calendar:
Birch Moon (feminine)
Nicknames: Moon of Inception, Beginning

Rowan Moon (masculine)
Nicknames: Moon of Vision, Spirit Moon, Astral Travel Moon

Ash Moon (feminine)
Nicknames: Moon of Waters

Alder Moon (masculine)
Nicknames: Moon of Utility, Efficacy, Self-Guidance

Willow Moon (feminine)
Nicknames: The Witche's Moon, Moon of Balance

Hawthorne Moon (masculine)
Nicknames: Moon of Restraint, Hindrance, Summer Moon

Oak Moon (masculine)
Nicknames: Moon of Strength, Security, Bear Moon

Holly Moon (feminine)
Nicknames: Moon of Encirclement, Polarity

Hazel Moon (feminine)
Nicknames: Moon of the Wise, Crone Moon

Vine Moon (androgynous)
Nicknames: Moon of Celebration

Ivy Moon (masculine)
Nicknames: Moon of Buoyancy, Resilience

Reed Moon (feminine)
Nickanmes: Moon of the Home, Hearth Moon, Winter Moon, Moon Which Manifests Truth

Elder Moon (masculine)
Nicknames: Moon of Completeness

Borrowed from Celtic Myth and Magick by Edain McCoy

However, The WLPA's site, says that THIS is the order of the Full Moons:

January: Alder Moon
February: Willow Moon
March: Ash Moon
April: Oak Moon
May: Holly Moon
June: Hazel Moon
July: Vine Moon
August: Ivy Moon
September: Reed Moon
October: Elder Moon
November: Birch Moon
December: Rowan Moon

Celtic Tree Meanings

The Birch This tree starts the celtic tree calendar, and so represents the energies associated with new beginnings. Magickal Associations: Protection of children, purification, creation.

The Rowan Protects against enchantment. Magickal Associations: Healing, personal empowerment, divination.

The Ash of the Ogham alphabet is the Cosmic Ash, or World Tree. Magickal Associations: Prosperity, protection, healing.

The Alder Magickal Associations: Spirituality, teaching, weather magick, duty, mental prowness.

The Willow in the Tree alphabet stands for the female and lunar rhythms of life. Magickal Associations: Romantic love, healing, protection, fertility, magick for women.

The Hawthorn Magickal Associations: Fertility, peace, prosperity, binding.

The Oak Magickal Associations: All positive purposes, magick for men, fidelity.

The Holly symbolizes paternity and fatherhood, has always been regarded as a potent life symbol. Magickal Associations: Protection, prophecy, magick for animals, sex magick.

The Hazel Salmon are associated with the Hazel in Irish legend. The Hazel is also strongly associated with meditation and mediation. Magickal Associations: Manifestation, spirit contact, protection, fertility.

The Vine Magickal Associations: Fertility, inspiration, prosperity, binding.

The Ivy puts you in touch with your own inner resources, giving you the ability to see through the eyes of the soul beyond the everyday world. Magickal Associations: Healing, protection, cooperation, exorcism.

The Reed Magickal Associations: Fertility, protection, love, family concerns.

The Elder is linked to the eternal turnings of life and death, birth and rebirth. Magickal Associations: Exorcism, prosperity, banishing, healing.


There are 13 Full Moons a year (the 13th being the Blue Moon, the blue moon can happen in any month) and this are some definitions associated with the Full Moons: Waxing: When the moon is getting fuller, from new to full, this is referred to as "waxing". Magick that is done during this time: Things you want to develop or grow, finding a job, money.

Waning: This is when the moon goes from full to new it is called "waning". Magick that is done during this time: Breaking bad habits, binding, etc.

Esbat: This type of ritual can be done any time. Usually, but not limited to, on the Full moon, could also be performed on the New moon. It is just a ritual to honor the Goddess, usually. Sometimes moon magick is performed, or drawing down the moon. If, however you wish to form a tradition of only performing an Esbat at the time of the full moon then it is ok to perform it 3 days before or three days after the actual full moon. The number 3 was sacred to the Celts, as was the number 9 (because three 3's make a nine) and the number 9 always comes back to itself when you multiply it (9X2=18, 8+1=9; 9X3=36, 3+6=9, etc.)..

Drawing Down the Moon: A practice done to invoke Goddess energy. Simply done, it is usually just opening yourself up to the moon and the Goddess energies, the purpose is to be at one with the divine Goddess Energy for any sort of magickal work, or even fertility rites for those wanting to become pregnant.

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