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Sacred Numbers in the Celtic Tradition

It is said that the most sacred number to the Celts is the number 3, and all multiples of three. Here are a few reasons why Three is sacred to the Celts:

The Number Nine

The number nine is sacred because it is a triple three. Nine also always comes back to itself no matter how you multiply it. 2X9=18 and 1+8=9, 4X9=36, 6+3=9, see?

Magickal uses of the number 3 to deploy in practice

If you wish to follow the Celtic path, then you could always use multiples of 3 in your practices. Chanting in multiples of three, going around the circle (Widdershins or Deosil) three times, using 3 representations of things on the altar, the number of candles lit on the altar. Things like this create celtic ambience and atmosphere in your practice.
However, something to keep in mind, most Celtic Traditions (excluding Celtic Wicca) believe that casting a circle is not necessary, as sacred places are found, not created; most celebrations are on natural ground. I do not normally cast circles, but however, there is a time and place for certain things, and occaisionally I will feel the need to cast one. Reasons for this may include perhaps someone present has brought disruptive energies with them and it may disrupt the rite (It has happend!), or perhaps the ritual is indoors, and the underlaying energies present are not very savory to one's magickal palate. Generally though, circles are only necessary if you really feel it is necessary. Go with your gut. Otherwise, find the space naturally, or create your own temple in a spot in your home and cleanse the area to make it so.

Celtic Symbols of Three

The Triskele, or Triscale. Also depicted as three armored legs running connected at the thigh, sometimes with a face in the center of the three legs, and also three bent arms. Also written triskelion, called triquêtre in French. It is the Symbol the Druids (and Celtic Tradtions) use for the number 3, the triple Goddess, and the three phases of the moon. Also Earth, Sky, and Sea the three Druidic Virtues, and the three stages of life.

The Trefoil, or three leaf clover, symbol of perpetuity, if green, symbol of Ireland.

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