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Web Forums

The Pagan Community depends on communication, this page is for that purpose. Please avoid fighting or flaming or predjudiced posts here, that is not the purpose for the forums. With that said I believe you have to register with tripod in order to post so please go here Click for Tripod.
I am putting together a *real* message board, and I will be accepting applications for Moderators for the different forums on that board (not this one). When everything is set up I will release that URL to the public on this board.

For those that wish to be a moderator on the new proposed board, click here for the questions to answer on your application, and the link to send it...

With all that said here are the current forums on this web site:

Pagan issues : Current events and issues that effect us and our community.
General talk : Introduce yourselves! Got any pets? Hobbies? etc!
Rant n rave : Got a beef? No flaming or insults please!
Poetry : Share your poetry here!
Magick n ritual : Share your thoughts or advice on magick and rituals, and please no goofy spell requests --
Like "How do I make my hair blonde like in the movie The Craft?" the answer would be not a magickal one but instead: "Buy some hair dye ya twit!" the same goes for "How do I fly on a broomstick like in that movie I just saw??" The answer is quite simple: "Get a strong friend, some pulleys, some heavy gauge rope, a broom, and a harness to put around you, oh and don't forget a large ream of blue or green cloth. Get the friend to help you string the rope through the pulleys, tie the rope to the harness you are wearing, and put the blue or green cloth behind where you are standing. For ambience, put a fan to blow in your direction. Have the friend hoist you up off the ground while you grip the broomstick which is trailing behind you from in between your legs (or side saddle if you're a girl), and presto. Don't forget to video tape so you can add a cool background later. You could use a generic sky, or you could get creative and pretend you are flying over a cool location, like London, over the pyramids in Egypt, heck you could even fly over the North Pole and Santa's Workshop.. don't forget your parka.. or your extra heavy ceremonial robes.. LOL"
Happy holidays : Got a holiday story to share? What are you doing for the coming holidays??
Fortune telling tarot n more : Discuss your favorite "'mancy" here (Cheiromancy, pyromancy, or scrying and tarot...)
Herbs : Growing, storing, preparing for magicks or medicinals, discuss it here.
Techno pagans : Got a website?? Found a cool website? Funny web site? Post 'em here!
Music n movies n more : Just what it says..
Comments : Comments, Complaints, Suggestions about this web site! Also suggestions for more forums on this page.

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