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Neo-Pagans are part of a fast growing religious movement. We come in all forms, all backgrounds, all ages young and elder, and all walks of life. We are tax-payers, we hold jobs in office, and the military, we are lawyers, doctors, nurses and nurse's aides, office-workers, musicians, artists, and any other type of person you can think of. This is real, we hold our religion sacred, we hold Mother Earth as sacred. We all have at least these things in common. There are many traditions that fall under "Paganism", Druidry, Strega, Shamanism in various forms, Dianic Feminism, Eclectic Wicca, Wiccan Traditionalism, various Celtic traditions including reconstructionism, Scottish Witchcraft, and Irish Witta, Faery Tradition, among many many other traditions (too many to list them all really...).

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Altú Págánach
A Pagan Grace

I láthair mo mhuintire 
siar go dtí tús na beatha, 
I bhfianaise na ndéithe 
agus na n-aindéithe, 
In ómós do fhéile 
ollmhór na cruinne, 
Gabhaim buíochas 
roimh mo chuid.
In the presence of my people 
back to the beginning of life, 
In the witness of the gods 
and the ungods, 
In homage to the immense 
generosity of the universe, 
I give thanks 
© Dennis King of  Focal an Lae, 1999